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Full-service composites manufacturing facility
Autoclave Processing



We have three state of the art ASC autoclaves that allow us the ability to process prepreg materials up to 450 degrees fahrenheit and 150 Psi.

Clean Room


We have a clean room for processing prepreg parts.


Our clean room is maintained to:


  • 5000 or less particles per cubic foot 5 microns

  • Temperature and humidity controlled

Materials / Techniques


We have extensive knowledge with:


  • Prepregs

    • eglass

    • carbon fiber

    • Kevlar

    • film adhesives

  • Wet-Layup

    • epoxy resin systems

    • vacuum bagging


  • Composite Tooling (all done in-house)

  • Solidworks 2015 w CATIA v5 Translator

  • MasterCam

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